Falls Hat Trend: Fedoras, Bowlers, Porkpies And Beyond

One of falls biggest trends is the hat. Fedoras, porkpies, bowlerscelebs such as Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift are rocking the fall hat trend, while others such as John Mayer have loved their fedoras for years. Give your autumn attire a nice kick by adding a funky hat. The nerdier you think you look, the cooler youll be. Check out a few fun ways to wear them:

With Oversized Sunglasses

Want to go incognito, or simply want to protect the moneymaker from the suns oh-so damaging rays? The one-two knockout of oversized sunglasses paired with a bowler or fedora looks super-fetching and provides skin protection. Swift has been enjoying the bowler look as of late, and we already know she loves a good pair of retro sunglasses that take up a whole lot of face space. Shes toned down her usual makeup lookthe cat eye and red lipso as not to completely overdo the days-gone-by look.

With Sleek, Straight Tresses

Working mom Jessica Alba rarely misses a fashion beat, and definitely knows how to wear a chic topper. And unlike Breaking Bads Walter White, Alba doesnt put hers on to do evil! Instead, she wears her hats with sleek, straight, uncomplicated hair, and always looks chic. Albas combo of cute hat with long hair works well with simple tanks and long necklaces, as well as button-down blouses. After all, the star is a busy woman, so spending hours on hair and makeup just isnt in the proverbial cards!

With Bangs

Why not use your new hat collection to show off your new bangs? Just because you recently opted for eyebrow-skimming fringe doesnt mean you cant enjoy this trend simply affix the hat more on the back of your head to show off the cut. Bowler hats are better than fedoras if you want to display your bangs, as they are generally worn more towards the back of the head anyway!

Are you enjoying falls hat trend?