Boxer Shorts for Women

Boxer shorts are a form of undergarment that is primarily used by men. However, this type of underwear has evolved to be part of women’s wear as well. Boxers are made from light and breathable material with an elastic waistband. This allows better circulation and can be used as a comfortable sleepwear. Boxer shorts became very popular during World War II. The English named the underwear as ‘boxer shorts’ because it resembles the shorts worn by boxers. The main purpose of boxer shorts is to provide the wearer with more freedom of movement.

Boxer short fabric

Just like most underwear, boxers come in various fabrics. Everyone can find boxers in most common clothing retailer stores. Here are some of the most popular fabrics used in making boxers. Cotton is the most widely used fabric for making boxers. It is lightweight and cheap which is an advantage for average consumers. It is also very durable and can be printed with many designs. Cotton boxers are also the most popularly used for sleepwear because these are very breathable.

Silk is more expensive than cotton but it is also lightweight and breathable. However, because of its softness, it cannot be printed on. Silk is actually lighter than cotton but since it is more expensive, it is less commonly used. Silk has a glossy appearance that makes it look softer that it actually is. Satin is more comfortable to wear than silk but it is also more expensive. Satin is woven to give off a shiny appearance. Satin is commonly used in bed sheets and pillowcases as well as lingerie. It is softer than both silk and cotton.

Boxer short design

There are several differences between boxers and the average underwear. Its design may have evolved in the past years but the basic style stayed the same. Before the 20th century, most undergarments are long and uncomfortable because they were made of wool and hard cotton. Since not everyone can afford a personal tailor, people had to settle for clothing that was either too tight or too loose.  Today, women’s boxers have a higher cut which exposes more skin. They can also have slits to release any tension from bending and sitting.

Elastic waistbands on boxer shorts ensure a snug fit. It is also the elastic waistband that prevents the shorts from riding up above pants and thus prevents embarrassing situations.


Acceptable Casual Dress Shirts in The Office

Some companies in New York and other cities in the USA now issue new policy about office attire. For instance, as reported by Wall Street Journal on May 23, the employees can wear slippers at work and a retail chain Nordstrom has asked an occupied piano player not to wear dresses and tuxedos. What about companies in other country?

Well, this is good news, since it makes the employees free from strict traditions. But it can be a thunder in the dog day afternoon for non-fashionista. As the employees, employers and other workers start to wear anything they want, they may compete to look fabulous among others. This condition may create unhealthy work atmosphere since they compete for something outside their actual jobs, except for fashion companies.

Moreover, there is no exact definition of casual dress shirts. The uncertainty brings anxiety for some business people. So, Knowledge@Wharton tries to make a clear limitation of casual dressing at work. The organization took a survey by talking to some companies about casual dress policy. The following is the result.

About Casual dress

Casual dress means that the outfit is still on trend. There are some other terms like business casual and business appropriate. The first refers to something like dockers-khakis-polo shirt look. Whereas the later is a bit more formal than casual. There are also the-so-called as corporate casual, clearly casual, business appropriate (conventional business attire), resort casual (this one is not allowed at work places), refined casual wear, and may be casual confusion.

Casual Dress Shirts Dos and Don’ts

Like before the casual dress policy, some regulations are made. The employees, employers and other workers cannot wear denim, spandex, shorts, jerseys, halter tops, tank tops, sweat suits, legging, and any other revealing clothes.

Casual Wear Backlash

However, some companies still stand to the conventional rule of office attire. Administrative office manager for headhunter Korn/Ferry’s Chicago practice states that the workers and all staffs consider the appropriate suits for work. They prefer to wear formal or office attire than the casual ones.

The New New Suit

The fashionista snd other fashion conscious say that the thing about traditional office attire is something old, anti-technology, and it sucks. On the contrary, an Executive Editor of Esquire magazine Scott Omelianuk states that it is best for office people to look professional by wearing suitable office attire.