Latest Techie Gadgets For Men In 2020

There are several things you must get right to be a gentleman. First, you need to need grooming impeccably. The second and most important is to have techie gadgets for men. Having the right men gadgets not only makes you look cool but also simplifies your life. 

Unfortunately, most people get it wrong when picking men gadgets. Whether you are buying your gadgets or buying birthday gifts for your male friend or spouse, we’ve got you covered. We have put together a list of 10 techie gadgets for men in 2020. 

1. Smart Speaker 

One thing a man cannot miss in the house is a cool music system. Among the key parts that you need in your house for a good music experience, is a smart speaker. These are essential centrepieces for any tech-advanced home. You have plenty of smart speaker options to select from Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod to Sonos One. These are speakers that come with voice command and virtual assistant features. 

2. Smart Security Camera 

The smart security camera is another techie gadget you should have in 2020. With these cameras, you will be able to protect your home from burglars in real-time. A smart security camera keeps you updates on movement in your home via your smartphone in real-time. The system also allows you to communicate invaders using the built-in mic in the house. There are many quality brands you can select from. 

3. Portable Charger 

Don’t be that guy who is always asking for devices charging in bars, eateries, offices and so on. Carry your own power backup that can extend your battery life for longer. There are many portable chargers or power banks that you can select from in the market. The trick is to ensure that the charger is guaranteeing your battery life until you get back home. 

4. Sleep Tracker 

For good health, you need to have an adequate sleep. Healthy sleep should be anything between 6 and 8 hours. However, it is hard to know how well you slept on your own. That’s why every man is recommended to have a sleep tracker. These are devices that you put on the wrist to monitor your nighttime activities. They will tell you whether you are getting enough and healthy sleep or not. 

5. Noise Cancelling Headphone 

man with headphones on trend

Every man in 2020 should have a pair of headphones. How else can you enjoy music and still look cool? But don’t just go for any headphones in the market. Buy the best quality noise-canceling headphones. These are special types of headphones that block any noise from the exterior. Whether there are people talking, passing cars, and so on, you will not be disturbed by the noises. They provide a wonderful audio listening experience. 

6. E-Reader 

Reading books is great. Whether you are a student or working class, you need to read books from your fields of interest as well as motivational works. But carrying books along can be extremely tiring and inefficient. That’s why every man should buy an e-reader. You can have as many books as you can, depending on the gadget capacity. An e-reader can also have your to-do list. 

7. Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

With the busy work schedules, it is becoming hard to allocated time to some house chores such as cleaning. But you can make things a lot easy by investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. These are small cleaning machines that scoot around the place, picking up pet hair, dirt, dust, and other parts on your carpet or floor. They are fitted with intelligent sensors that enable them to reach the furthest corners of your house. 

8. Smart Thermostat 

Almost every home Australia has a water heater, an air conditioning system, and other HVAC appliances. These are high energy-consuming devices, but you can keep them under control by the use of smart thermostats. These devices turn on your air-con when they sense your presence. You can also set the room temperature at which your air conditioning unit or water heater operates. 

9. Coffee Maker 

coffee percolator and a mobile phone

A cup of coffee in the morning is the gasoline you need to keep you going for the rest of the day. The best thing is brewing coffee at home. That’s why you need a coffee machine in your home. Get the right quality and capacity. 

10. Wake-Up Light 

Nothing is annoying like a ringing morning alarm. But you can make waking up easy by installing wake-up lights. These lights recreate the natural sunlight that prepares your brain for waking up to avoid morning masochism. 

In conclusion, these are some of the techie gadgets for men in 2020. If you don’t have most of these gadgets in your life, then you are missing a lot. However, when buying, make sure that you are getting the best quality gadgets in the market.