Best Men’s Designer Tech Accessories

When you think of modern technology, the first thing that comes to mind is probably Silicon Valley. But the fashion industry is quickly embracing technology with a lot of tech-accessories releasing to the market. In the last decade, we have seen luxury brands that are known to make well made clothes, turning to technology for their accessories. 

There are many men’s designer tech accessories that are doing very well in the market. Both small and giant tech-savvy labels have been producing distinct men accessories, mostly for tech gadgets. Here are some of the best Men’s designer tech accessories for you: 

Louis Vuitton iPad Case 

You could be having one of the most stylish iPads in the market but adding a nice case to it will make it even more fashionable. Louis Vuitton is one of the brands producing some of the best smartphone covers in the. Their iPad hardcase covers are the ultimate men’s designer tech accessories you need to have. With durable leather materials, this ultra-thin slim case will definitely improve your look and keep your iPhone safe.  

Montblanc Meisterstück Leather Briefcase 

If you want to keep that executive look, then you need to consider getting yourself a Montblanc Meisterstück Leather Briefcase. The German-based designer has been producing some of the classic briefcases for the corporate niche. With this accessory, the designer has crafted high-quality leather for executive use. The bag design is for modern corporate users. It has compartments for your laptop(s), and other gadgets that we use daily.  

Cover-Up Woodback Skin 

Want to give your laptop, phone, or tablet cover a more natural look? Well, you need to consider this woodback skin cover-up. Designed by a Welsh firm, these woodback skin covers are made from the Carpathian Elm material. So, if you are an environmentally conscious person, then you need to consider these sustainable tech accessories- you will be promoting environmental preservation. You can have a cover for all kinds of tech devices we use in homes and offices. 

two college students working on a tablet

Native Union Belt Cable 

Belt cable is one of the essentials accessories for men. It connects to all type-C devices and accessories including smartphones, multi-ported adapters, laptops and car/wall charger. The Hong Kong-based Native Union’s Cable Belt Pro is one of the best options in the market. Made from a genuine leather strap, and 8-foot long, you can keep connected anywhere around your home or office. 

Victorinox Flapover Laptop Backpack 

With tech gadget increasingly becoming essential in our daily lives, then you need efficient ways of carrying them. That’s why backpacks are must-have accessories for tech-savvy men. You need a backpack for your devices, including laptops, headphones, e-reads, smartphones, and so on. Victorinox Drawstring Laptop Backpack is one of the tech-friendly accessories in the market. The multi-buckled mesh backpack provides room for every gadget that you need in your daily life. The designer uses the best quality materials in the market for these accessories. 

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit 

Dopp kits are not new in the market. These accessories were used extensively back during WWII, but over the years, they have been repurposing to suit modern needs. The LA designer, This Is Ground, is one of the firms re-purposing these accessories for tech-savvy men. Their tech Dopp kit is made from durable and premium leather. It has compartments for all your tech gadgets, including tablets, phones, cables, chargers and so on. It’s one of the accessories that will get your tech devices organised. 

Native Union Marble Apple Watch Dock 

Apple Watch is one of the best quality smartwatches for tech-savvy men. But you can add more value to this watch by getting a perfect dock for it. There are many brands in the market producing Apple Watch docks, but Native Union is one of the best designers. They have curved a classic apple watch dock from a solid marble that magnetically holds the watch in place, and at the same time charging it. It’s, therefore, an ideal tech accessory that men should have. 

Knomo iPhone 7 Premium Folio 

Apart from the iPhone being one of the top-quality smartphones, they are also quite expensive. Therefore, you cannot afford damages just because to didn’t get a perfect case. Try Knomo iPhone 7 premium folios today. The design firm uses leather for the making of their iPhone 7 folio cases. These cases offer all-around protection for your iPhone. In addition to that, these folio cases provide slots for multiple credit cards. 

If you were wondering what the best men’s design tech accessories are, now you have a vast brand to select from. However, there are many other brands producing quality tech accessories.