Fashion/Clothing Technology: Tech Brands You Need To Know

Wearable technology is a term that is increasingly becoming popular in the fashion industry. With technology quickly infiltrating the fashion industry, there are many tech accessories and apparel that you can add to your closet to enhance your look and experience. 

When you mention the term ‘wearable technology,’ what comes in the mind of most people are the wrist-worn devices such as the bracelets, watches, and so on. However, you can get from fashion technology to complement your tech-life. Here are some of the wearable tech brands that you need to know: 

The Unseen’s Colour-Change Accessories 

London-based The Unseen is one of the companies that are taking fashion technology to the next level. The company has been able to tap into the simple concept of colour and produce fashion accessories that interact with the prevailing environment. Founded by Lauren Bowker, a self-declared material alchemist, the company has released various items, including backpacks, phone cases, coin purse, necklaces, wallets, scarves, and among others.  

Their Italian alligator-skin backpack turns black in the winter, blue in the summer, and green fading to red in the autumn. Other items from The Unseen change colour based on sunlight, touch, wind, and body temperature, among others. It’s something you need to enhance your fashion taste. 

Levi Commuter & Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket 

man wearing denim jacket

This Levi commuter jacket features Google Jacquard technology to improve the experience of urban cyclists. The tech-jacket design is to enable you to do a lot more things with your devices while cycling and still keep safe.  

The jacket has a conductive yarn into the left cuff that enables you to activate touch interactivity so that you can swipe, hold or tap to execute small tasks such as answering and blocking calls, changing music tracks, or accessing navigation information. With this tech jacket, you have all your devices’ functionalities made easy when cycling, and your safety improved. 

Emel + Aris Smart Coat 

If you have been in the fashion industry for the last five years, then Emel + Aris should not be a new name to you. The company did successful crowdfunding that raised over £100,000 (GBP) in March 2016 for the launch of its smart coat. The coat may not be techie as such but rather outerwear with hidden intelligent heating technology.  

The Emel + Aris smart coat is made from a lightweight polymer and works by producing far-infrared (FIR heat energy from its panels. It is this heat that keeps your body muscles warm, hence improving blood circulation. There are no cables apart from one that powers its battery pack. 

Wearable Experiment 

Wearable experience is a fashion outlet founded by Billie Whitehouse. The company takes credit for producing sports apparel and accessories that provide users with real-time experience of the game. The company’s ‘Fan Jersey’ is a shirt that, when a fan wears, they experience haptic vibrations in real-time as the game plays. 

Fan Jersey is connected via Bluetooth to produce the vibrations. The haptic vibration creates an emotional attachment to the game. The shirt takes the sports fan experience to another new level. Apart from American football shirts, she also released another version for European soccer. 


woman wearing smart watch

Zenta is a wrist-worn accessory from Vinaya. The wearable accessory entered the fashion industry in early 2016 after massive crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The funding exceeded the original goal of raining $100,000 by more than 100%. That’s how potent this product was even before launching. 

The bracelet enables the user to switch off from digital noise to important smartphone notifications. They are widely used for mindfulness and wellness. They usually monitor breathing patterns, emotional states, sleep quality, and stress levels, among others. In addition to that, they will give you a cool look when you put them on. 

Thesis Couture 

When it comes to high heels, ladies will tell you the problems they go through. That’s why some of them put a pair of flats in their bags for use in the office or in casual spaces such as the trunk, bus, and so on. But Thesis Couture has come up with a pair of stilettos that offer incredible functionalities. They have four inches high stiletto that offers absolute comfort. 

The company hired some of the best experts, including an orthopaedic surgeon, rocket scientist, mechanical engineer, shoe designer, and a shoemaker to design and produce a high-performance stiletto. With a ballistic-grade polymer heel, it alleviates underfoot pain. The shoe angle and the front platform makes you feel like wearing a high heel is an inch lower. You need to try them. 

There is a range of tech brands in the fashion industry that you need to check for your closet. Products from these brands simply improve your experience and safety. It might cost you a bit more, but it’s worth it.