How Technology Is Making Fashion Sustainable

Over the years, there has been an increased use of technology in the fashion industry. In fact, technology is every aspect of the clothing and accessories manufacturing. Every label is looking for ways that they can capitalise on technology to stay ahead of the pack. 

One of the biggest impacts that technology has had in the industry is promoting sustainable fashion. Designers are creating accessories and clothing that are far more sustainable than before. Here are fascinating ways that fashion technology is promoting environmental conservation: 

Use of Sustainable Material 

One of the ways that technology is making fashion sustainable is the use of more eco-friendly materials. There are more sustainable materials for the designing of the clothes and accessories than ever before. There are designers that are using wood for the making of various accessories, including phone and laptop covers. 

Another good example of how technology is promoting sustainability is clothing made from food. Anke Domaske, a German microbiology-student, invented the creating of clothing fabric from milk, coffee beans, and tea. Through her firm, Qmilk produces soft and very comfortable fit fabrics. There many other sustainable materials used because technology makes it possible. 

Use of 3D printing 

3D printing has become increasingly useful in the fashion industry. In fact, it has already appeared in some of the major runways such as Milan, London, and Paris. One of the biggest ways that 3D printing is promoting a healthy ecosystem is by reducing the amount of clothing and accessories fabric.  

3D printing uses polymer for trials rather than natural resources such as cotton and wool. In addition to that, there is less materials waste due to the high precision of this printing technology. Fabric waste is a big problem in clothing manufacturing. 

Improved Dyeing 

One of the areas in the fashion production that’s the dirtiest and promotes environmental degradation is the use of dyeing process. It uses a lot of energy, and a lot of water has the cloth produce the desired colour. In addition to that, the dyeing process uses a lot of chemicals that end up polluting the ecosystem. 

woman dressed with printed skirt

But with modern technology, the amount of energy needed to dye clothing and accessories has been reduced by more than 60%. Similarly, the amount of water that is required in the dyeing process could be reduced by 90% if you utilise the latest fashion dying technology. 

Increased Use of Vegan Leather 

Another way that fashion technology is promoting sustainability is the reduced use of animal skin for leather. Animals play an essential role in the ecosystem, and the increasing demand in their skin leather creates an imbalance in the system. But the increased use of vegan leather, the fashion industry help keep the ecosystem healthy. 

Although vegan leather was mostly associated with plastic, we have laboratories that are now using 100% natural materials to make this material. Some companies are making leather from fermented yeast, and so on. 

Recycling Materials 

One of the ways that technology has made fashion sustainable is by promoting the recycling of waste materials. A lot of waste is produced when during the clothing and accessory manufacturing. Similarly, the old fabrics and other materials used in this industry are recycled back hence reducing pressure on the environment. 

With advanced technology, it is possible to recycle old and waste materials into quality reusable material. This means designers are able to reduce the demand for new materials and reduce environmental damages.  

Lab-Grown Materials 

With the advancing technology, we can produce some of the materials used in fashion in the laboratories. The extraction of diamonds and gemstones is one of the major causes of environmental degradation. The extraction of the materials requires the clearing of the vegetation cover and the use of heavy machinery. The whole process leads to global warming

global warming campaign by protesters

We can now use lab-grown diamonds and gemstones for accessories. In fact, it is very difficult to tell the lab diamonds from the original. Therefore, there will be less vegetation clearing, and the amount of carbon released to the atmosphere is reduced when we use laboratories. 

Overall Waste Reduction 

The whole cloth and accessory manufacturing process use a lot of natural resources. From the machines, materials, electrical power, dyeing chemicals, to water, and so on, a lot of natural resources are used. When you have the best technology, you significantly reduce the waste of these resources. 

For example, with advanced technology, you need less energy for the same results. You will reduce the amount of water used, and fewer dyeing chemicals are needed to get the desired results. This will help keep the environment healthier. 

Fashion technology is making things easier for designers. It’s cost-effective, fast, and, most of all, promoting industry sustainability. The use of natural is reducing with the use of technology.